The Maine Sul Brasil
Halvo, Nick Santino, e mais pessoas se juntaram a banda para cantar “Girls Do What They Want”, no último dia de Warped Tour!


The Maine | Girls Do What They Want(Ft. Halvo, Nick Santino, and more)


Glamour Kills caught up with John and Jared to film an acoustic version of Sad Songs this summer at Warped! 

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Glamour Kills filmou a versão acústica de “Sad Songs” com John e Jared na Warped Tour. Ficou linda, vocês gostaram?


I found some extra footage that Dirk shot on Warped tour so I decided to put together a short bonus video. Hope you enjoy…


Confira um pequeno vídeo da Warped Tour 2014.


Warped tour outtakes 7 of 7 | Seattle, WA